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Lean Six Sigma has become a popular choice for high school and college students throughout the years as it has shown results in personal projects and not only in companies’ and businesses’ processes. This is because it offers the opportunity to gain the experience they could not obtain during their years at school. Not only do they get more credits, but they also acquire skills that will be useful in their future careers, college applications, and life. We help students learn the methodology at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Savannah High School Students of Georgia.

Learning and working with LSS won’t be as simple as many believe since this method requires planning and thought, although you could know the structure and the entire process. The results will be worth it, and you will see the benefits in your work or personal projects if you dedicate time to the method.

We can assist you with all aspects of the integration process. Depending on who requests our training, we can also help you use the methodology in your personal or professional life.

Understanding the method beyond its basic concepts is the first step. This is easy to do in a short amount of time, especially during the initial stage. To ensure there are no issues as your training progresses, it is important to learn terminology and technical aspects.

We want to start by defining the basics of this process: it is a continuous improvement method that is focused on improving customer service, reducing waste, and improving processes.

Later years saw individuals find a way to make sure other systems and processes could benefit from this continuous improvement approach.

All principles related to teamwork, productivity, and collaboration can be found. Students and others interested in learning Lean Six Sigma can use the framework and basic principles in their industry, manufacturing facility, or personal lives.

Our company is the best qualified Lean Six Sigma organization in the state. We are able to help you understand the concept and adapt it to meet your goals and needs. We provide certificates for students in high school or college students and business professionals after completing our training programs. The service can be requested for a group or for you as an individual.

Is Lean Six Sigma Worthy?

This team-focused approach aims to improve performance and productivity, regardless of industry or place.

Six Sigma is most beneficial for all businesses and companies in manufacturing as it was designed or meant for it since its inception in the 80s. 

This is why people think about Lean Six Sigma as a method that helps to improve process management, eliminate defects, and understand waste. This allows them to spend more money when they are needed rather than wasting time on processes that aren’t worth it.

Controlling process variation is the key focus as it is essential to increase control. This is important not only for the manufacturing industry but for all businesses and individuals that want to get the best results while spending less.

The methodology is created using two methods: Six Sigma, which encourages standardization, flow, and waste, and Lean, which eliminates all waste that is not being used while focusing on customer satisfaction.

This can be used to enhance the education of high school and college students. Students can use processes that are faster and less time-consuming to improve their performance and accelerate their learning.

For positive results, it is important to recognize that Six Sigma and Lean are both essential for process improvement. It is, therefore, natural that, regardless of whether you have both Six Sigma and Lean, Lean Six Sigma is the best and most effective for your business, studies, and growth as the methodology involves more than just a combination of both main methodologies.

How is this worth it for students? They get to:

  • Solve problems by using a team-based approach.
  • They will be able to see past detection and work towards prevention.
  • During your training, you will learn leadership, organization, and practice.
  • Learn how to build confidence and work in a team environment.

What Is Lean Six Sigma?

Each methodology’s principles are combined into one. Lean incorporates more principles such as continuous improvement and waste reduction. Six Sigma has more structure and process than LSS, which is made up of five phases.

DMAIC-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Savannah
  • Define: Individuals need to identify and rank the problems they are trying to solve.
  • Measure: Data from the previous phase can help you measure any process or problem and determine its effectiveness and efficiency. This will enable you to determine the severity of your problem and provide statistics and measurements to help you identify possible solutions.
  • Analyze: Examine every problem and process to determine the most important. This will allow you to determine the cause and possible variations.
  • Improve: evaluate and identify all improvements that can be made to the project to ensure it continues to thrive and attain the desired results. These include reducing waste and improving performance. Each solution must be planned, identified, and then implemented.
  • Control: Continue to implement the chosen solutions, and then review the results to see if there were any modifications or if they are achieving the desired results.

Depending on your current goals, this can be used in any way you need. A plan equivalent to LSS will be created once you have completed the course.

Six Sigma is compatible with Lean principles because both methods focus on improvement and performance. You only need to think about the following:

  • Defining value.
  • The mapping of the value stream.
  • Create flow.
  • A pull system is a good idea.
  • Perfection is what we want.

High School Students Get Lean Six Sigma Benefits

Employers and employees often see LSS as a tool so the entire company can benefit from all the improvements and enhancements made thanks to the methodology. It’s difficult to see how students can benefit from it if you consider that LSS was meant for manufacturing above anything else.

At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Savannah High School Students of Georgia, we have learned it is not a way to work directly with a company but rather with an individual and their potential performance, as well as bringing them into an institution or organization.

We know that this can have a profound impact on individuals, and for this, we want to ensure that you understand how it will bring growth to each person trained, regardless of whether they are students or business professionals.

This is an excellent way for people to increase their chances of getting jobs and learn new skills like problem-solving and teamwork. They can also improve their leadership skills and learn to work around deadlines.

LSS is a tool to help students learn and make their lives easier. They don’t have to find the perfect solution every time. Instead, they should focus on data and processes and what they can do with what they already know. This will allow them to be more productive in both their professional and future careers.

LSS certifications can be useful for obtaining credits as well. If you are looking for work or college after high school, these certifications can open up new doors in the process and in any industry.

Yellow and Green Belt Training & Certificates: What We Offer

Choosing the right company to introduce students to this method is crucial. Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Savannah is a company that has helped students and professionals in high school, college, and advanced levels to learn this method and create more opportunities in life.

We work with companies, institutions, and individuals regardless of their stage of life

Green Belt Training & Certification-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Savannah

Our company offers two main certifications:

  • Yellow Belt Certificate.

Although the Yellow Belt teaches the fundamentals of methodology, it also provides the knowledge necessary to be able to participate in large- and small-scale projects. After the course, students will be able to understand the basics of Lean Six Sigma terminology.

They will be able to add leadership skills to the list and be able to work on future projects if they are searching for a job.

  • Green Belt Certificate.

This certification is the most sought-after as it focuses on applying DMAIC through a case study in companies and industries. It can be used to help you achieve your career goals.

They will be able to understand technical terminology and work on large-scale projects. However, for it, remember that a yellow belt is a prerequisite to becoming a green belt.

Everyone, including high school students, can apply for the Lead Six Sigma certifications. We have adjusted our teaching methods to make it easier to help them get through long hours.

Leadership Excellence-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Savannah

We Care About Innovation & Leadership

Our LSS heritage is extensive, so we are familiar with the importance and benefits of innovation and leadership when it comes to training or learning. These qualities can be difficult to find when going for new jobs and when managing your own projects.

We recognized the need to be leaders and offered courses for students as well as professionals. These courses enable students and professionals to make difficult decisions and lead teams regardless of whether they manage a company or organization.

Workshops and innovation consulting are offered all year round, and our experts are available to set programs or provide individual attention.

Just make sure to contact us to learn more about our LSS training, certification, and all the solutions we offer throughout the state.